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Sagar started his spiritual journey in his early adulthood, when he was introduced to the well-known documentary called “The Secret”. He was a pharmacy student at the time, and also had his hands in entrepreneurship. Through his journey in entrepreneurship, he learnt how to coach others, public speak and also sparked his curiosity into a lifelong quest of learning.


He met his now wife and soulmate, Manpreet, through his business journey. 


He successfully qualified and registered as a UK-based Pharmacist, and began working in the community and eventually alongside GPs and other healthcare professionals. Sagar learnt the foundations of western medicine and has a fantastic working knowledge of the body and diseases. At the same time, Sagar continued his spiritual practices such as consistent meditation, visualisation and gratitude journaling.


Due to his knowledge of spirituality and healing, he knew there was something missing from western medicine, and that was the impact of thoughts and emotions on the body. He began asking himself questions such as “Why does western medicine not include spiritual practice?”, “Can the body heal itself through meditation, healthy thoughts and emotion?”, “Can our negative thoughts and emotions cause disease?”. Through these questions, Sagar’s interest in spiritual life coaching began.


In 2018, Sagar’s life took a huge turn as his father became suddenly ill and then passed away. This left a huge gap in his life, as well as his family’s life. The pain and grief this moment caused was tough, and left him no choice but to turn inwards. With his knowledge of spirituality, Sagar knew his father may not be with him physically, but is still available to communicate in spirit. And so, Sagar began to research ways he could communicate with his father through meditation. Sure enough, after some time, he could feel his father’s presence and started having physical signs in his environment to confirm that his father is still here. As well as this, he starting communicating with other spirit guides and non-physical helpers.

Due to this difficult year, Sagar started developing physical symptoms within his body. He knew something was not quite right with him and needed some form of emotional healing from his past. As the Universe would have it, he was introduced to a psychic medium and healer through a close friend of his. She is now a mentor to both Sagar and Manpreet. Sagar went through an intensive 10-hour healing session with her, known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis, which helped Sagar release his built-up trauma, as well as communication with his father. The session also included a past life regression, where Sagar discovered that he had psychic and mediumship abilities in a previous life. After the session, Sagar’s body began to heal and he started to realise his life purpose, which was to help and coach others using his knowledge of spirituality and western medicine. He then began to train in spiritual life coaching, NLP as well as psychic and mediumship abilities. 

Similar to Sagar, Manpreet started her spiritual journey in early adulthood by reading and watching “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. From this, Manpreet became curious about how her thoughts have the power to manifest into her physical reality. She began testing this theory by manifesting small to larger desires which increased her belief in this concept. This led to her reading and watching many more spiritual books and documentaries; in particular following Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein and many others.


During her spiritual journey, she met Sagar through entrepreneurship who shared very similar interests and beliefs. She realised her upbringing was very different to Sagar’s, her family were much more traditional and restrictive. At this point, she started to question what her identity was and who she wanted to be as she began to mature. Manpreet witnessed challenging times during her childhood; the loss of her father at age 10 due to alcoholism, the loss of her uncle and grandfather at a young age and other challenges with her family. 


These conflicts with her family increased, she became aware and knew she was very different from her family with regards to mindset, beliefs and wanting better choices in life. She made the decision to leave her family home at 19 years of age, living a few years in and out of renting rooms before making the decision to marry Sagar without her family’s consent.

These events made her turn to spirituality to help her find strength, inner peace and healing. This process helped her manage her emotions, protect her energy and prioritise her well-being. She used techniques such as meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, visualisation, reiki and QHHT sessions to work on her self-healing journey.


From this experience, Manpreet felt she wanted to share this with other people who have or had challenges in their life to help them find peace and happiness after hardship. Manpreet was particularly drawn to reiki as it increased her self-love, peace and ability to let go of trauma.


She has completed her Level 1 and Level 2 qualification of the Usui System of Natural Healing by Reiki Maya. Manpreet is also in process of completing her Reiki Master qualification. 

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