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“I was skeptical about doing this but I am so glad I did it. It's the best investment one can make for themselves and my whole life I didn't understand the true concept of self love and now I do. Thank you so much Sagar."

Jayshree H

"Manpreet is very talented and was able to pick up on and help release different energies held within me. She was also able to advise and recommended to me things I was curious about which was lovely. I am so glad to have found RiKho Living! ❣︎"


"I first came across Rikho living on my Instagram and was instantly drawn to this page. I was left feeling extremely calm, healed and at complete peace within my mind body and soul. I’m so excited grateful and blessed to be working with such amazing beings."


"Manpreet is a great listener and her advice is always to the point . She tells me what I am about to ask her ! And that tells a lot about what she can feel when she heals. Thank you for the warmth I look forward to more!"


"I had my first Reiki session last week with Manpreet. I was a little nervous, I needn't have been. I received a warm welcome and felt at ease immediately.
It was an incredible experience, so very relaxing and I felt like I was floating for the rest of the day. Thoroughly recommended, I will certainly be returning.
Without a doubt, I’d strongly recommend her to anyone on their healing journey ✨ xx"


"My reiki experiences with Manpreet have been extremely relaxing and emotionally comforting. Up till now I had thought that always being stressed was a standard part of life but through my sessions with Manpreet she’s really helped in quieting my mind and finding an inner calm. I always look forward to reiki with her and will continue to do so."


"I had my first ever experience at Reiki with Manpret and It was brilliant.
I was so relaxed, normally I find it hard to switch off but her calming manner and music made me sink in to a deep relaxation. I felt like I got so much from the session. Will definitely be returning. Thank you so much."


"The whole experience was wonderful! I had a few apprehensions going into my session but was very soon put at ease with Sagar. Some things were confirmation of things I already knew but was quite pleasantly surprised by other information. For this being my first time ‘psychic’ experience, it was truly great!! 🌹"


"I have had 2 sessions with Manpreet now, it has been an eye opening experience and has helped me so much in my journey. Manpreet makes you feel really relaxed and I felt energised after the session. She has a kind and caring nature and I really feel she has made a difference. I look forward to more sessions with her in the future."


My reading was accurate, he discussed many different aspects of my life with me, my past, present and future, along with strengths and weaknesses. I’ve never felt so in touch with myself, who I am, and understanding myself, as much as I have done since seeing Sagar 7 weeks ago. My self development has been impeccable, my spiritual journey has flourished, and the continuous support from Sagar has made this healing process easier. Sagar and Manpreet really helped me during a time where I felt broken and have helped my spiritual awareness grow. I know my self worth and value and I’m so thankful to this beautiful couple for sharing their talented gifts to help people."


"Had an amazing experience with Manpreet who is the most kind, caring and gifted person. The things she picked up from the reiki session were so accurate, it blew my mind 🤯 I’ve woken up the next day after the session feeling so much more grounded, positive and balanced, so thank you Manpreet."


"A big thank you to RiKho Living for my first Reiki healing session which was truly amazing. Manpreet made me feel relaxed and my stress levels and anxiety came way down. I found the whole experience very therapeutic and sensual. I also booked a session with Sagar for a mediumship reading which enabled communication with a soul on the other side. I cannot highly recommend your services enough. Keep doing what you’re doing best."


"I have had two Reiki sessions with Manpreet and have really enjoyed them. The sessions have been so relaxing and therapeutic, and I walk away feeling cleansed, positive and energised.
Manpreet is a kind and gentle person and is very welcoming. After each session, Manpreet talks about what she found and goes deep into root causes and suggests changes to make for the better. It is amazing how accurate she is. Overall, it is a great experience and it really helps me. I look forward to many more sessions. Thank you Manpreet!"


I will be forever grateful for having found RiKho Living. I was searching for Reiki sessions and their website came up with 5star reviews. Due to my nature I wasn't relaxed fully and this is something Manpreet was able to gauge as well. She gave a very accurate reflection on what energy level she picked up. I was amazed.
I further booked Psychic, life coaching and medium session package with Sagar and straight after the first session I felt at peace. My mind has never been as relaxed as it has been after the 4 sessions. He is very accurate with his readings and the meditation techniques is something I have benefitted immensely from. Its taken me absolutely long time to accept I needed healing and extremely grateful to have met Manpreet and Sagar. I would most certainly recommend them to anyone who is open to a positive change in their lives.


"I had my first ever experience at Reiki with Manpret and It was brilliant.Grateful to have experienced Reiki from the very first session to the ones after. Manpreet has been kind, caring and most of all a gem throughout my healing process from the start. I’ve felt so much more calm, grounded and at peace with myself. The readings she provided along with the tarot card I'd handpick at the end of the sessions were incredibly accurate - I was blown away by this.. 🙏🏻

Without a doubt, I’d strongly recommend her to anyone on their healing journey ✨ xx"


"The best reiki session I’ve ever had.

Before booking a reiki session with Manpreet, I had previously experienced reiki but her session was completely transformative.

Everything from the serenity of the space where the session takes place to her calming approach throughout, it is impossible not to feel uplifted, energised and restored after reiki with Manpreet. I received such clarity and calm during the session, and the inclusion of a tarot card reading further enhanced my experience and energy healing. A wonderfully powerful experience and I will definitely be booking in again.

If you are feeling conflicted or uncertain about something in your life or if you are seeking to improve your overall sense of well-being, this will definitely help."


"I have now had two reiki sessions with Manpreet, who held a beautiful space which I am very grateful for. 🙏.
I slept so well after each one and felt a shift in my health, hence booked the 2nd.
The card reading and conversation after was well received. I could resonate with it.
I'm on a journey to be healed and these sessions definitely have helped me and I thank you.
See you soon!
Love and light 💫"


"This was the first Reiki session I had and it truly was amazing. Felt so relaxed and welcoming from the moment I walked through the door. The energy of the room had a very warm and positive feel. Manpreet was so professional throughout, and the reading was so accurate and insightful!
Would highly recommend RiKho living, they have now become a part of my life!"


"I had a reading with Sagar. He was super warm and welcoming! It was very accurate without me giving him any info prior. He really took the time to answer my questions/concerns and I never felt rushed. I truly appreciate all the insight he has provided me. It has given me a much calmer/confident approach to events in my life. After the reading, I know he has a very intuitive gift and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a little more guidance in life. Thank you again Sagar for all your help and guidance! :)"


"I’ve been seeing both Sagar and Manpreet for few weeks now and I can already feel a big change in my life. I have never met such a kind and beautiful people like these two. They listen, they understand, they help, they support-pure love and positivity. They are both a gift to this world. Every week I’m super excited to see them and work on my healing.
I truly recommend booking few sessions with Manpreet and Sagar, it will change your life!"


"This was the first time I tried Reiki and Manpreet was so thorough. She explained everything in detail, took her time with the session and even sent various resources over what’s app to help me through meditation. Perfect first experience and will be going again! Also such a beautiful soul."


"I did a distance Reiki Healing with them a while back. It was a wonderful experience. Even though it was distance, she checked up on me regularly and I felt very good immediately following the healing and for a few days after that. It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend everyone to try it out!Would highly recommend RiKho living, they have now become a part of my life!"


"Had a reiki session done by Manpreet. She was attentive, caring and thoughtful. I felt relaxed and more emotionally aware about myself. I would highly recommend her and I will be coming back."


"I really enjoyed my reiki session with Mani, it was a first for me and felt so relaxed afterwards, a lovely warm person to have a treatment with and she makes time after to discuss everything and answer questions. I would not hesitate to go back xxx"


"Had a great reading with Sagar, he was scarlily quite accurate about me and what's been going on. I didn't give him any information and he knew exactly what I was feeling. I felt so calm and relaxed during the reading and was given guidance on how to go on the path I want to. Thank you for you words of wisdom they have really stuck with me."


"Sagar, was wonderful, I felt relaxed, relieved with this whole session and the readings were explained exactly correctly the way my life was and has been.
Please take my advice they are trustworthy and excellent. These were my best cards which shows me I can be positive for my future. I am delighted!
Thank you" 


"As someone who searched for the true meaning of manifestation for months and months, Sagar taught me how to puzzle together and understand the true meaning of manifestation. He broke it down on what manifestation means and how it works. He offered services that cater to your needs and desires. He takes the time and effort to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Sagar teaches materials genuinely, thoughtfully and makes sure that you know the materials thoroughly. Most importantly, the session led me to tap into the magic and understand the power of the subconscious mind. I highly recommend others to take the sessions; it made me feel better."


"I had a reading with Sagar. I was very impressed throughout the whole session. I was relaxed and the session went beyond my expectations. All credit to Sagar and his special attributes. We talked about a lot of aspects in my life and all of them were true. I have recently had a very successful kidney transplant and Sagar was on point with his comments and the conversation we had. This re-confirmed to me that I am on the right path. Sagar has given me an extra boost tonight. I thank you for the session and I will definitely will be back for others services provided."


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