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Please see a list of our prices and packages below. 

If you would like to try a combination of our services, we are happy to put together bespoke packages for you. 

Please contact us below with the services you are interested in and we would be happy to help!

Spiritual Life Coaching


Spiritual life coaching is a transformative process that combines spiritual principles, personal development, and guidance to help individuals gain clarity, align with their inner values, and overcome challenges on their spiritual journey.

One -off 1 hr session - £70



4 sessions - £250

6 sessions - £375

All packages include:

  • Complementary psychic reading.

  • Bespoke programme tailored towards your personal goals.

  • Unlimited message support.

Sessions can be conducted via Zoom or in-person.

Distant & Reiki Healing


A gentle energy healing technique channelling positive and healing energy to individuals. This can be physically in person or anywhere in the world. This service promotes relaxation, balance, healing and overall wellbeing.

Reiki Healing:

One-off 1hr session - £50



4 sessions - £180

Reiki sessions are required to be completed in person.

Distant Healing:

One-off 20min session - £30

Distant Healing is not required to be completed in person. Please see further details on services page.

Psychic Mediumship


A Psychic Medium possesses the unique gift to connect with higher energies. Through  heightened intuition, they can communicate messages, guidance, and insights from departed loved ones or your higher self to bring comfort, closure, and direction.

One-off 1hr session - £70

Sessions can be conducted

in-person or via Zoom.

Grief & Loss Healing Package

Image by Adam Kring

This package is for individuals who are struggling with the pain of losing a loved one and seek spiritual guidance for healing.

One 2hr session for £100

Package includes:

  • 1hr Spiritual Life Coaching to navigate your grieving process and find healing.

  • 1hr Psychic Mediumship to connect with departed loved ones to offer messages of comfort, closure and continued connection.


Inner Child Healing Package

Image by Artur Aldyrkhanov

This package is designed for those who have experienced childhood trauma and want to heal their inner child wounds.

Two 2hr sessions for £220

Package includes:

  • 1hr Spiritual Life Coaching exploring past experiences to uncover and heal inner child wounds.

  • 1hr in-person reiki session targeting Sacral Chakra healing for inner child trauma release.


Trauma Release Healing Package

Image by Brian Asare

This package is for individuals who have experienced physical or psychological trauma & seeking holistic healing to build resilience & establish a positive mindset.

Three 2hr sessions for £350

Package includes:

  • 1hr Spiritual Life Coaching to navigate trauma triggers and offer deep healing. 

  • 1hr in-person reiki session targeting specific chakras where trauma is being held to offer release and deep relaxation. 


Get In Touch! 

If you want to see if our services are for you, please fill in the form with any questions you may have.

It's important you feel at ease during any sessions, therefore an initial conversation via email/phone can make you feel relaxed and more comfortable

For Spiritual Life Coaching & Psychic Mediumship:

Contact Sagar via call/Whatsapp: 0779 101 5312

For Reiki & Distant Healing:

Contact Manpreet via call/Whatsapp: 0749 506 8312

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