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Benefits of a Psychic Reading

I had my first psychic reading back in 2021. A close friend of mine had recommended for a reading, and like most people, I was pretty apprehensive and nervous about the reading. I didn’t really know much about a psychic reading or what it would entail. Nevertheless, I had trusted my friend and decided to go for it. Little did I know, that the one hour session with the psychic would completely change the trajectory for my life. In my reading, I was completely blown away at the accuracy of the reading. There was not a single thing that was left out in my reading, and I discovered important perspectives of my life, my past, present and future. It allowed me to heal and left me in a place of excitement about my purpose and vision in life. In addition, it allowed me to let go of things in my past and it also gave me pointers on how to work towards my healing.

After my reading, I decided to learn more about the world of psychics and underwent a 6 month training programme to help uncover my own psychic abilities. After months of studying, meditation and classes, I learnt how to read other people using my intuition, and the feedback from our clients has been outstanding. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have had my psychic reading, and I am still learning so much about the non-physical world, including communication with spiritual beings, non-physical entities and listening to my intuition. It is a wonderful gift that I am excited to share with anyone who wishes to embark on this journey.

There are a number of important benefits of having a psychic reading that can really help a client with their life, and I will highlight these below. If you have never had a psychic reading before, I would highly recommended it – whether it is with us or someone else is irrelevant, as long as you are having a reading from a genuine psychic.

1) You discover more about your past and why things have happened the way it has

Nothing is left untouched in a psychic reading. Whatever you have gone through in your past tends to show up in a reading, whether it is positive or negative. The past is often complicated, and we can go through the majority of our adult lives not healing from our childhood or past traumas. A psychic reading allows you to realise why your past plays a part in the way you are now. Our current behaviours, beliefs and thought patterns are directed by our past, and learning how to heal from the past and then installing new beliefs and perspectives is a sure-fire way of letting go and healing. We sometimes carry so much emotion that is linked to our past, and a psychic reading can once and for all give you techniques and thoughts about how to heal.

2) You can find out where you have blockages

A psychic knows which chakra’s of yours are blocked or unbalanced. Each chakra relates to certain emotions and parts of the body, and discovering which chakra’s are blocked and why can really help you to heal and let go with grace. In my psychic reading, I found out that my throat chakra and solar plexus chakra needed balancing, and this was because of emotional things from my past that I had not let go, as well as my inability to speak up for myself in certain situations. I then underwent several reiki sessions in order to help balance them, as well as working through my communication and emotional healing. As well as blockages in the chakra’s, a psychic reading can help you to find out why things aren’t moving in a certain direction. This can be because of old belief’s that need looking at, as well as recurring thoughts that may be limiting or unhealthy.

3) Find out whether you are living your purpose

This for me was a very important one. I had learnt in my reading that I will be stepping into a career in the very near future that will allow me to serve others in a way that would be enjoyable for me, as well as provide abundance and passion. When I have done readings on other clients, I have realised that many people are stuck in a job they do not enjoy due to a sense of security, and that most people have thought about changing careers or taking a calculated risk in order to do what they are passionate about. In a reading, it can give you that reassurance about whether or not you are fulfilling your purpose, and how to take the necessary steps to get you there. When you take aligned action, the Universe will support you, and you will be amazed at the manifestations that follow once.

4) Communication with spiritual entities and those who have passed

My initial reason for doing a psychic reading was to see if I could have some sort of communication with my late father. I had received communication from him via the psychic in my session, and I felt reassured that I was on the right path. I feel very blessed to provide communication to my clients with those who have passed on, and clients tend to feel a sense of closure from the sessions. We have a “team of light” working with us on the other side, who are always guiding and directing us. We can discover who this team of light is, and also find out information from the spiritual world that can help us in our journeys at the moment. This is totally safe, as communication is of a very high vibrational nature of love and care. If there is anyone has passed away in your life, having a mediumship session or psychic reading can help you to build a bridge again, and also give you practical tips on how to continue receiving communication and guidance from them.

We would be more than happy to provide you with a psychic reading – if you’d like to know more, feel free to read the “services” section of our website, or drop us a call or message. Your healing is important, and we will do our best to help you to get there.

Love and light,



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