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Reiki & Distant Healing

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

My personal experience

I never heard of Reiki until I went for a session to experience it for myself! I was suffering from a series of headaches and stress at the time and I knew there was something off with my energy.

I visited a lovely lady called Gina who was my practitioner, she made me feel very welcome and relaxed as soon as I entered. I was a little anxious not knowing what to expect but I accepted I needed some form of energy healing. She explained how it worked and let me know it was safe and non-intrusive.

So, I laid down on a massage table and she started her energy work. It’s difficult to explain but I instantly felt relaxed, lighter and at peace. I could sense her hands working with my chakra points using touch and non-touch methods. I could feel a warming and tingling sensation on specific parts of my body. For me it was such a loving experience, having pretty much a stranger at the time with pure intentions sending me healing through her hands.

Honestly, after one session – I fell in love with it! I always knew I wanted to do some form of holistic healing but before then I didn’t know what exactly. I felt I had found a part of my calling and purpose to share this energy healing with other people around me as well as people I was yet to meet. Gina shared an oracle card with me after the session confirming how I was going to enter a new path and also shared what she felt from my energy. I had the best nights sleep and felt the positive affect of the session days and weeks after which was incredible.

I decided to take up my level 1 and 2 course to learn how to practice Reiki. During my courses I learnt the power of Reiki and all the benefits it can provide for individuals seeking healing and recovery.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is what the western world call life force energy also known as “Chi”, “Ki” and “Prana” in the eastern world. “Rei” stands for universal and “ki” stands for life energy. This life force energy runs through all living things and is vital for our wellbeing. An example my Reiki Master taught me was think of Reiki as the source of energy which allows you to breath, allows your heart to beat, that force which puts waves into our oceans – Reiki is the force energy behind all that lives.

Practitioners learn to work with this life force energy and also go through a 30-day attunement period where they practice Reiki on themselves everyday as a cleansing process before practicing on any clients. This is done for each level of Reiki (1 and 2) as well as the Master courses. In a Reiki session you will be in a private setting with your practitioner who will use energy healing to align your chakras, remove blockages and offer you deep relaxation as well as many other benefits.

What is Distant Healing?

Now that I’ve covered Reiki, people think Reiki energy can only be shared physically in person. Well, that’s where distant healing comes in. You must be thinking - how can you really send healing energy to someone who is not physically next to you! Distant Healing uses the same principles as Reiki but the practitioner uses visualisation and the power of intention to send healing to the individual. You can almost view it as someone sending you a prayer or positive thoughts with more specific methods behind it.

A Distant Healing session is usually 20 minutes where it's recommended to lay down to help you be in a state of receiving. This can be done anywhere in the world!

How often should you do Reiki?

The honest answer is it’s totally up to you! Some clients like to have consecutive sessions to help them get through a difficult point in their life, some people treat it as a breather and a moment of self-care and others come when they feel they really need or want it. There is no right or wrong, the best time to do Reiki is when you feel like doing it – that’s when you know you’re ready to receive the healing energy. It’s not something you should force yourself to do but instead feel attracted to have a session.

Do you need to prepare anything for a Reiki session?

It’s recommended to avoid caffeine before a session so your energy is not altered before you arrive. Before you start the session, move any electrical items away from your body e.g., watches/Fitbits as this can also affect your energy.


It’s normal to feel quite thirsty/dehydrated after a session so it’s recommended to drink lots of water. Remember Reiki/Distant Healing is a form of healing so it’s possible you may feel emotional on the day or a few days after your session, this is because your emotions have been brought up to the surface. If you do feel the need to cry, let it out – remember crying is not a weakness but a strong physical release and another form of healing.

After a session the practitioner may recommend picking an oracle card, this is not compulsory but optional. The reason why it is done at the end of the session is because after Reiki your crown and third eye chakra tends to be open hence when you pick a card for you it is a strong spiritual message.

The practitioner may also share what they felt from your energy if you would like to know. It’s important to remember this is not a psychic reading but an intuitive reading of your energy which is picked up during the session. Please note - not all reiki practitioners do this.


Reiki and distant healing are amazing options for people who are looking to start or maintain their healing journey. It has many benefits such as the following:

· Releasing stress and anxiety

· letting go of pain; mental or physical

· Increasing self-love

· Raising awareness of your energy / vibration

· Inner peace

· Connecting with your higher-self

· Relaxation

· Healing from trauma

· Releasing tension from the body

· Detoxifying the body


If you’re interested in booking a Reiki or a Distant Healing session, please get in touch. I tend to do an initial call before the sessions especially if it’s your first time so you know what to expect on the day!

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