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3 Gratitude Techniques to Start Now

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Gratitude and appreciation are great ways to raise your vibration. You see, our thoughts and emotions are magnetic and vibrational. Higher vibrational emotions include love, joy and gratitude. Lower vibrational emotions are that of anger, frustration and hate. You can tell your point of attraction by checking in on how you are feeling at any given moment. The better you feel, the higher your vibration.

We can use the power of gratitude to transform any negative feelings we have, and to help us see our life situations in a new light. Gratitude helps us remember that we are already so blessed. We have shelter, running water, ease of food and are still alive and breathing. These are reasons enough to feel appreciation for your life. These simple basic needs are often overlooked and we tend to focus on everything we don’t have instead of being grateful for what we do have. At times, it can be difficult to find things to be grateful for. We’ve highlighted some areas below that can help you. This list is not exhaustive!

- Health and body

- Clothes and warmth

- Your home

- Family and friends

- Money – income from your job and business

- Nature

It is said that happiness is an inside job. This means that happiness is more of a choice and state of mind, rather than something that we feel at random. We regularly seek external validation for our happiness. Whether that’s from a job promotion, a new relationship or even new material things such as a car or a purse. These external factors do indeed bring short-term happiness, but it soon vanishes once the initial excitement wears off. So, the question is, can happiness be something we tune into ourselves regardless of what is happening around us? The answer is an absolute yes!

We are responsible for the way we feel. Our partner, parents or colleagues cannot make us happy. They can indeed add to our happiness, but it is our job to ensure that we are doing the inner work as well. Having a consistent spiritual routine is a fantastic way of working on yourself. This can be, for example, a combination of meditation, gratitude journaling, visualising and affirmations that you commit to every morning and every night. You are already preparing yourself for your day by doing this.

Below, we have highlighted 3 gratitude techniques that you can literally implement into your life today. These techniques can be changed according to you and your needs, but the key is consistency and feeling the emotion of gratitude whilst doing them.

1) Have a gratitude journal.

Start each day by listing 5 things you are grateful for and why. It can be gratitude for something you’re feeling in the moment, or something even broader such as gratitude for your breathing. It is important you write in the present tense. You can start by writing “I am truly grateful for……… because ……”. For example, “I am truly grateful for my body because my cells and organs keep me alive and healthy every single day”. Whilst writing, actually feel gratitude for what you are writing. Gratitude has the power of transformation, and you can use gratitude in any area. Take a look at your life and have a look at the areas you feel are lacking. Perhaps you are not in perfect health, or you are having financial difficulties. Instead of focusing on the lack, focus on what you do have in these areas. We’ll use the example of financial difficulties. You can list everything your current financial situation is providing for you. “I am truly grateful for my consistent regular income from my job because it allows me to have food and shelter”. “I am truly grateful for the money I have that allows my family to be secure because I love seeing them thrive”. You can even be grateful for things that haven’t happened yet. This is a very powerful technique because you are feeling gratitude for the future, which actually allows your desires to come forth quicker. “I am truly grateful for income that comes to me from multiple sources because it allows me to live an abundant life”. The possibilities are endless!

2) Ask yourself “What am I grateful for in this moment?”

Questioning yourself helps your brain to get to work! The important thing is to ask yourself the right questions. We often ask ourselves negative questions such as “Why did this happen to me?”, or “Why is the Universe punishing me?”. The mind will look for answers to any questions you ask it. And if you’re asking the wrong questions, you’ll get unwanted answers. Instead, ask yourself productive questions. I can almost guarantee that your mind will begin to seek answers straight away. Try asking “What am I grateful for right now?”. You can be walking down the street, sitting in a cab or working at the office, and yet your mind will still seek to find the answer. You’ll begin to notice things to show your gratitude for. You can use this technique at any time. Keep asking yourself this question, and keep thinking of more and more things to be grateful for!

3) The healing power of music

Music is a huge thing in our household. We have music on whilst meditating, working, cooking, and even cleaning! Have you ever experienced chills whilst listening to your favourite song? Notice how your mood shifts depending on the type of music you’re listening to. Music is a vibration that can affect our vibrational wonderfully, if used correctly. Here’s one way of using music for your gratitude practice. Choose a beautiful piece of music. Something you can really relate to and a song that makes you feel amazing when listening to it. It is important you choose the correct type of music. Music that involves violence and seduction should be steered away from. Next, lie down with headphones with your chosen song on and close your eyes. Focus on that piece of music and allow it to fill you up with love and joy. Begin to notice shifts in your mood and in your mind, tell yourself everything you love about that song and the way it makes you feel. You can repeat this with multiple songs and allow the power of music to help you to feel better.

There you have it! 3 easy to use gratitude techniques that you can start using today. Spiritual life coaching and reiki healing both have gratitude tools in sessions which we can help you with. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Love and light,

Sagar & Manpreet

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