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6 Affirmations for Love, Joy and Peace

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Welcome to our first blog post! We pondered and thought for quite some time before deciding on our first topic, and we have finally agreed on affirmations!

Now we’ve all heard of affirmations. We’ve seen them on social media, and we also use them in our spiritual life coaching and reiki sessions to help our clients to change their belief systems in order to help them to grow, let go of negative energy and really take charge of their life.

You can use affirmations in practically any area of your life. Whether that’s healing from trauma in the past, increasing the love and joy you feel or wanting to manifest your desires, affirmations all have its place.

The biggest misconception about affirmations is that if you keep repeating positive statements, it’ll help bring that to you, and it’ll help to change you as an individual. Whilst that is partially true, there is a major part missing. And that is, you actually have to BELIEVE it! You have to feel your affirmations with the correct emotion. Remember, emotions are energy. Feelings of love, joy and gratitude are high vibrational emotions and by shifting your state to feel these emotions and then repeating your affirmations have much more power and conviction.

Affirmations need to go deep into your subconscious mind in order for you to actually start believing them to be true. Using high energy emotions whilst repeating your affirmation does exactly that! You can also repeat affirmations right before bed or first thing in the morning. Your subconscious mind is wide open between wakefulness and the sleep state, and this is the perfect time plant those seeds into your subconscious.

As with almost anything, repetition and consistency is the key. You can’t repeat affirmations once or twice and expect change! It is a daily practice, and small daily habits can create lasting change in the long run.

It’s important that your affirmations are positive, and in the present tense. You create your life based on your thoughts and words. The words that follow “I AM” will create your reality. Have a deeper look at the thoughts and words you use and replace the negative beliefs with the opposite. Your subconscious mind does not know whether is something is true or false. It simply just absorbs all the information that is given to it.

So, whether you’re a professional working in London, a student in Hertfordshire or from anywhere around the world, you can use the affirmations below to increase the love, joy, wellbeing and peace in your life. Feel free to change these and add your own twist to it.

1) I am surrounded by loving people and situations everyday

How amazing would this be! Imagine how different your life would be if you were always surrounded by those who loved and respected you. You attract into your life who you are. So if you would like to have more situations that are loving and kind, then make sure you become that vibration.

2) I am worthy and deserved of great things

Yes you are. We all are! The question to ask yourself is, why not? Why would you not be worthy and deserved of great things? The Universe does not discriminate. It does not look at each individual and randomly choose abundance for some and lack for others. The Universe responds to our dominating thoughts and vibration and simply returns that back to us. The Universe loves you and is waiting to shower you with great things. Now you believe it, and it will arrive.

3) I am loved more than I ever thought possible

Loving yourself is the important idea here. Of course, we would love others to love us unconditionally. And that can be a reality. But, do you love yourself? Learn to love yourself the most, and then others can reciprocate that to you, and you to others. There is unconditional love available to you here & now. The Universe is all loving and always supports you for your highest good.

4) I will be kind to myself and others today

It takes nothing to be kind! We all have good days and bad days. Its on those bad days that we really should increase our kindness to one another. Imagine what it would be look on the good days then! Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes, and that’s what makes us human. We are often our biggest critic, and so remember to just take it easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself and others will be kind to you.

5) I treat myself with love, kindness and compassion

This is a big one! Just like the previous affirmation, we all want love, kindness and compassion. We almost expect it from others, but in reality, we should give that to ourselves first. Treat yourself with love. Show yourself kindness. Give yourself compassion. You are deserved of all these things!

6) Peace, calm and tranquility surrounds me all the time

This is a personal favourite. Peace, calm and tranquility does surround us all the time – it is just a matter of perspective. We can tune into these feelings through meditation, listening to beautiful music or walking in nature. Create that peaceful environment for yourself by starting with it in your home. Light a candle or an incense stick, take deep breaths and soak in the calmness!

So, there you have it! 6 powerful affirmations you can start using today.

We understand that it is easier said then done. We try our best on a daily basis to be better than how we were yesterday, but some days are better than others. If you are feeling stuck and need help with healing, and creating long lasting joy & love, then reiki healing and spiritual life coaching can be just for you. We’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis to give you intuitive insight on your life, how you can improve and give you practical tools and techniques to assist your growth.

Love and light,

Sagar & Manpreet

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